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Safe sex vs abstinence

You know how sometimes you read a headline about a scientific study and the finding is so obvious you wonder "why did they even bother? What's important here, though, is that researchers have been racking up data and evidence for decades showing that abstinence-only sex education isn't effective. It not only fails to delay the age when teens first have sex, but also fails to reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Sadly, there is a need to continue this research because, in spite of all the evidence, some lawmakers still love abstinence-only sex education, and it's common—and increasing—in schools across the United States. Part of the problem with abstinence-only sex ed is that it doesn't take into consideration that abstinence needs to be perfect to be effective, according the review published Tuesday in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Most birth control methods have two rates of effectiveness: one for perfect use, and one for "typical" use, that is, how people actually behave.
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Study: Abstinence program most effective at delaying sex among youths

Safe sex vs abstinence
Safe sex vs abstinence
Safe sex vs abstinence
Safe sex vs abstinence
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Safe sex vs. abstinence: which is most effective?

Abstinence AB-stih-nints is the simplest form of birth control. If two people don't have sex, sperm can't fertilize an egg and there's no possibility of pregnancy. Other forms of birth control:. A person doesn't have to be a virgin to practice abstinence.
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Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Is a Failure

I agree with Ms Ho Lay Ping that to reduce the sexually transmitted infection rates, we should advocate for abstinence and for sexual activities to only be between married couples Teach our young to say 'no' to premarital sex ; June However, although this stance is already being taught in our schools' sex education, young people are still experimenting with sex at an early age, and sexually transmitted infection rates are increasing. It is recommended that students are also taught the importance of using condoms in sex to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. We should also inform them of the various tests that are available to sustain their sexual health and well-being.
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Medical providers use this definition because oral, vaginal and anal sex have the greatest risk of STDs. Additionally, vaginal sex also carries the risk of unplanned pregnancy. There are many other sexual behaviors like kissing, touching and masturbation. For some people, being abstinent also includes these behaviors, and for some people it does not.

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